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Why Do You Need a Proxy?

Every time you surf the Internet your IP address is being registered for each site you visit. A simple check of the web logs shows the IP address of anyone who has visited a specific web page. These records are kept for years, and you can be traced back by them! There is no question of just covering the slopes, as most of us have nothing to hide, but it's about privacy. Your right to privacy is taken into account while surfing without proxy.

Your Ip Address Is Exposed!
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Web-based Proxies

A web-based proxy is a service that allows you to avoid your Internet service provider and browse the web using proxy-based site. All that has to be done is enter the address of the site you would like to visit in the form they provide, and start surfing. Once you start surfing using this form, you are protected and your real ip address address is not recorded. There are many web-based proxies to choose from. Start viewing the featured section.

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